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Heartfelt Gratitude

To all my friends and supporters, with all my heart I want to say THANK YOU for your support in all ways.

We took on an incredible challenge to outdo a political dynasty in a fight for OUR district seat in Tallahassee. 

Unfortunately we fell short of victory in the opportunity for me to move on to the general election. Despite that, what I hope you will all do is take great pride and celebrate all the successes we achieved along this journey including: bringing a lot of attention to North Port and all of South Sarasota County; the new found friendships; running a clean and positive race; having fun and creating memories.

We showed our courage as average individuals seeking good government to not sit back and watch our seat be swept away by power and money but rather to stand up to make our voice heard. We no doubt did that!

We had just a fraction of the funding resources compared to my opponent, who also had the advantage of prominent political family name recognition, and yet we took 41% of the total votes in a truly grassroots effort with a 100% VOLUNTEER Campaign Team – that’s outstanding and warrants celebrating!

I am so proud of the “Yates For State” Team and so honored for all those who supported me in this endeavor. Thank you and God’s blessing to all of you.

Forever grateful,

Linda M. Yates

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Linda Yates and I am seeking your support to serve as your District 74 State Representative. 

As someone who has been a public servant for nearly 8 years, I have a proven track record of my integrity and courage to do what is right, not what is easy. My character is founded on core values of faith, family, fiscal conservativeness and an infinite appreciation of our veterans. I am renowned for my diligence and tenacity in fiscal matters, public safety, smaller government and common sense policies to achieve fair, efficient and effective outcomes and you can be assured I will continue to do that as your State Representative. 

Please explore my website where you will find more details about me, my positions on issues and ways you can help make a difference in electing me as your representative. Don't hesitate to contact me or even better come meet me along the campaign trail.

It would be an honor to serve you as your State House Representative in District 74. Thank you for your consideration. 


Linda M. Yates 

We did it! 1,430 Petitions verified! Thank you District 74

On May 21, 2018 Linda Yates successfully met the 1,306 petition signatures required in lieu of paying the nearly $1,800 fee as part of the process in seeking to qualify for the office of State Representative. 

A vast team of dedicated volunteers helped gather 1,430 valid signatures.  

Thank you District 74 for this outstanding grassroots accomplishment. Let's keep the momentum going on the path to victory!

Priority Issues

  • Protecting our rights:
    Uphold our Constitution for all including the unborn
  • Protecting lives and livelihoods:
    Enforce laws protecting Americans  
  • Economic growth and prosperity:
    Get government out of the way of the free market
  • Education: Affordable, accessible and diversified
  • Healthcare: Free market competition and patients in control of their healthcare decisions
  • Supporting our Veterans:
    We need to support our Veterans before, during and after their service to our country.

Meet Linda Yates

  • Linda Yates, 54 years old
  • Life-long Republican
  • Resides in District 74 for over 12 years
  • Married 26 years
  • Has a daughter and three grandchildren
  • Currently serves as the City of North Port Vice Mayor
  • Served as Mayor twice since first elected to the North Port City Commission in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. 
  • Served citizens in the South Sarasota County area through her leadership roles on various boards and committees
  • Renowned for her passion, conservativeness, diligence, tenacity and commitment in her public service. 

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